- I’m still waiting for my return number

Return numbers are assigned on a case-by-case basis, so assigning the return number may take several days.

- I want to return my dress in stock :

You have a period of 7 days to make your request to the After Sales Service. Only products in state with labels will be accepted.

- I want to return my custom dress :

Custom dresses are not exchangeable or refundable, if you think that an error has been made on your order, you can contact our After Sales Service.

- I want to get a return number : it's here

- Where should I return my return ?

The address for the return of your parcel will also be registered in the email which you will receive with your number of return.

- How do I know if my return has been received ?

An email is sent upon receipt of return packages in our premises. However, if you have not received anything, you can send an email to the SAV.

- How many days is the refund ?

The legal repayment period is 30 days upon receipt of return parcels.

- How is my order refunded ?

The refund of your order is in the same form as the payment of your order. For checks, a refund check is sent by mail. For CB, Paypal, the refund is credited to your account. If you prefer a bank transfer, it is also possible to provide a bank account with your return.

- How long will I receive my exchange for my order ?

Subject to the availability of stocks, exchanges start the day after receipt of the return package.

- My package was refused: I did not have a return number

All packages without a return number are automatically rejected. Please clearly mark your package number on the package so that it is visible at the reception of it.

- In which packaging should I return my package ?

If the original packaging is still in good condition, it is possible to put the items back in. It is necessary that the products are well conditioned for the return of these.

- What if the custom dress does not please me :

If you are unsure of the result, we always recommend a dress in stock or come on site to get a glimpse of the color, fabric or pattern.

- How is the return of products ?

Thank you for letting us know that you wish to return your item. We will then give you a return number for your package. Attention, if you return your parcel without return number, your parcel will be systematically refused. In the case of in stock item, Maysange will refund the price of the item (excluding shipping costs). We do not accept returns and do not exchange custom made item, personalized color item (other color than that in the photo), and out of stock item. Maysange declines any responsibility in case of bad measurement of your part. Thank you to accept our Terms and Conditions before placing your order.

You have not found the answer to your questions ? thank you for contacting us