White cocktail dress

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What if you are given a box full of white chocolate? Well, this incredible work by our designer's team is all that you need. Maysange has come with very unique taste of designs with minimum cost and best quality. This range of chic white cocktail dress is all what every girl dreams of. White is the symbol of purity and perfection. Here we have list of all the wonderful designer chic white cocktail dresses. You can get them with your preferred style, length, fabric and cost. We have this huge range starting from a simply elegant piece to the so bold and glamorous look. Some are printed with floral designs where some are designed with stones. If you’re are the one with list of your perfect dress, then this is the right destination for all your needs. we have all the set of dresses that can make your cocktail party a never forgetting time. Just scroll this down and choose your cocktail partner. Buy it and here is the magic, it right outside your door. No going out running from stores to store. This buy is a must and most smart investment to your styling. Let your wardrobe symbolize perfection.

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White Strapless Party Dress-Black Lace


Bustier cocktail dress in satin with a rubbon belt and black lace. You can wear it for a party, for a job interview with jacket and boots or with high heel. This dress fits to all occasions ! You will never make a mistake with it.