How to know if an item is available?

By selecting your size, you will see the number of pieces available,if nothing appears is that this item is sold out and can be made only on command.

How can I change the color of a dress?

Before you add items to your shopping cart,check the box "custom color" and select the color of your choice. It will take a period of 6 weeks to receive your dress.

How to choose the right size?

We strongly recommend that you refer to our size guide. We have a tendency to be small in size, hence the importance of referring to it. If you oscillate between 2 sizes pay attention to the model of the dress that you wish if it is flared at the level of the chest you do not necessarily need to take your other measures, if it is a mermaid silhouette, opt for a custom made.

How to take my measurements?

We have a size guide as well as an explanatory video which you can find by clicking on the following link https://www.maysange.com/en/content/14-size-guide

How can I order custom?

Before you add items to your shopping cart, check the box "custom"; you will be able to inform your measurements in small boxes. We also advise you to indicate what you think is important that we know in the rectangular section "additional information" (delivery time, modifications on the dress etc ...)

Can you make a model from a photo?

For this you need to send us one or more photographs (of good quality with precise indications) so that we can send you a quote.

Do you have other photos in addition to those on your site?

All our photos are on our website. You can find explanations for each model in the small square on the right of the photo. This can provide you with valuable information and details that will make all the difference. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact our customer service by email, phone or on our online chat!

Can you send us a catalog? Some samples?

All our items are referenced on our site, for the sake of ecology, we do not manufacture catalogs or samples. Thank you for your understanding!

What does the "default" color mean?

You have nothing to do because the default color is the color of the photo. So just follow the steps of your order.

Can I make changes to my dress?

Absolutely, you can change the length of dresses, add straps etc ... For more information on the possibilities of modifications, please send an email to contactmaysange@gmail.com so we can inform you about the feasibility of your dress.

How should I measure the length of the dress?

The length of the dress is taken from underarm to hem. Long dresses between 130 and 140 cm. Short dresses, between 65 and 75 cm. However free to you when you choose custom made model to indicate the desired length.

How can I be advised?

For more information or advice about items you can contact our customer service on contactmaysange@maysange.com, or on our live chat on www.maysange.com

Where do you ship?

We deliver all over the world, you will find more details on the rates of deliveries by clicking here https://www.maysange.com/content/18-livraison-en-france-may-s-ange-livraison-depuis-la-france

And if it does not suit me ...?

For the dresses in stock only: you have the possibility to exchange or to get a refund within 7 days of receipt of the product. Custom made dresses and custom-colored dresses cannot be returned or exchanged.

Are dresses the same as the photographs?

The dresses are the same as those shown in the photographs, the photographs are made with our own dresses during photo shoots. However, there may be a slight contrast in terms of color (depending on the screens) or details (since the dresses are made by hand).

Is there an additional cost for custom made or personalized confections?

A supplement for the custom made is requested, it is 10 to 15 euros in general and can change according to demand and measurements.

I'm pregnant, what dresses can you advise me?

We usually recommend flared dresses under the chest for pregnant people. Thus,  your waistline can evolve.

The custom  remains at your disposal for any modification or cancellation of order.


What are your delivery times?

Delivery within 10 days for our dresses in stock with the possibility to be exchanged and refunded as in store! Delivery 5 weeks for our models that are not in stock, in standard size and custom colors. Delivery 6 to 7 weeks for our custom made models.

What are the different payment methods?

They are available here: click here.

How to pay by credit card?

The steps will be indicated at the time of your order, simply provide your credit card and if necessary your security code provided by your bank (in case this step you will be requested)

How to order?

Just add your product to your shopping cart and simply continue the steps.

Can I use my phone to order?

For security reasons, we cannot validate an order over the phone, we do not take online payment by phone for your security. If you have a doubt about payments by credit card or paypal (even if our site is secure), you can possibly make a payment by check or by transfer.

What if I cannot pay on the internet?

You have the choice to make a bank transfer by going directly to your bank or to pay us by check (Attention! Sending with acknowledgment of receipt and order number required). This will delay the sending of your order of a few days because we will have to wait until we have received your check to proceed to its sending or its preparation.

I would like to cancel my order...

For dresses in stock, you can request the cancellation of the order until the moment of its dispatch. Once the dress is sent, you can request the return of this dress within 7 days. For custom dresses, you have a period of 48 hours after the validation of your order for cancellation. For orders not validated by payment, cancellation is possible.

You have the possibility to cancel on request by sending an email to the following address: contactmaysange@gmail.com

My item was stated "in stock, it will be replenished within 2 weeks"?

This email informs you that your item is in another deposit and that it will be sent to you shortly.

What servicing do you recommend for your products?

It is often better to take care of our products which can be fragile because of certain details (pearls, rhinestones, etc.). We regularly recommend hand wash or cold wash.

How to iron dresses / costumes?

In general a simple steam ironing is enough to iron the dresses or possibly putting your iron at least delicate.


How can I trace my order ?

By connecting directly to your customer area, you can follow the evolution of the production and sending of your dress. It will then go to the website www.colissimo.fr and you can track your order. Remember to inform us of your mobile phone number when you place your order when you want to send your package at a post office or relay point. You will be notified by SMS.

How will I be notified of the arrival of my package?

You will be notified of the arrival of your package via an SMS if it is a post office or a relay point. But also via the tracking service by email.

I ordered several dresses, why did I receive only one?

Sometimes a dress comes a little later than the first, so to avoid you waiting too long, we sometimes send your dresses separately. Especially if you have a short time or for example that you have chosen a dress in stock (delivery in 10 days) with a custom dress (7 to 8 weeks). You will be able to enjoy your first dress.

The tracking on the site of the post office remains blocked for several days.

We advise you to contact our tracking service for these requests but also directly to the post office (to see directly with you how to recover the package as soon as possible).

The tracking service ensures the progress of your order whether it is at the level of production or delivery.


Can I exchange a CUSTOM MADE model?

For any request for exchange of custom made models, you must contact the After-Sales Service at the following address: contactmaysange@gmail.com but according to our terms and conditions of sale, customized or custom dresses are not taken back or exchanged .

What is the return process for models in stock?

You can log in to your customer account and generate a return number yourself. If you do not succeed, you will have to send an email within 7 days of receipt of your order to contactmaysange@gmail.com, they will send you your return number. Warning! Once in possession of this number you will have to indicate it prominently on the parcel that you will return to us.

Shipping costs are they my responsibility?

Shipping costs are actually your responsibility, but they are free during an exchange.

I cannot find a check box to generate my return.

For a refund or exchange please contact our After-Sales Service at contactmaysange@gmail.com.

I am still waiting for confirmation.

For a refund or an exchange please contact our After-Sales Service at contactmaysange@gmail.com.


How will you refund me?

We will refund you by the same method of payment used during your order.

Are the shipping costs my responsibility?

Yes the shipping costs are your responsibility however if you want to make an exchange you will have no additional cost to advance.

I returned my package, when will I have my refund?

Our refunds are made within 30 days from the receipt of your return package. If this period should be exceeded, thank you to contact our After-Sales Service at contactmaysange@gmail.com.

I wish the refund of my shipping costs.

Unfortunately we do not refund shipping costs.

I still have not received my refund.

The refund period is 30 days from receipt of your return package.

The After-Sales Service is the only authority to satisfy any request for return or refund.