How to measure yourself ? Here are our explanations

For a dress :


 Size chart 

Size (cm)


US4/UK6/EU34 US6/UK8/EU36 US8/UK10/EU38 US10/UK12/EU40 US12/UK14/EU42 US14/UK16/EU44 US16/UK18/EU46 US18/UK20/EU48
Bust 84 86 89 91 94 98 102 106 110







Hips 91 94 97 99 102 106 110 114 118


How do you measure ?

To be sure to choose the right size, it is always better to take measurements regularly.

Before answering the question, let's first know why it is important to take measurements.

Indeed, measurements differ depending on the type of outfit you are wearing. With an evening dress for example, everything is played to one centimeter.

- For tailor-made clothing

- To better compare the table of measurements provided by the brand, note that each brand is different.

- For those who follow a diet, taking measurements will make it possible to see and analyze its bodily changes.

Tips before you start :

- be in underwear

- Get help from another person, if possible.

- Bring a tape measure.

How to measure properly ?

For a dress, we mainly take measurements at the level of the chest, waist and hips.

- Chest circumference : you have to measure from the nipple. Position the mesureing tape at the tip of the breasts (the strongest side).

- Waist circumference : place the mesureing tape at the level of the thinnest side by identifying the elbow height.

- Hip circumference : position the mesureing tape at the basin level, at the strongest point.

Once the measurements are taken, compare them with our size guide and identify the size that best fits you. If the measurements do not match, then pay attention to the style of the model you are interested in:

- If it is an empire dress, flared at the level of the chest a slight gap is acceptable.

- For bodycon dress, especially mermaid dresses, opt for tailor-made.

Understand world sizes


It should be noted that there is no international standard for sizes. So it's very easy to be wrong. An outfit size 38 in Italy does not correspond to a 38 in France or a 38 in Germany.

This variation is due to the fact that manufacturers adapt the size of their clothing to the average size of the population. This is why it is important to know the international sizes of clothing, to be sure to find the right one from one country to another and whatever the radius.

The S, M and L (Small, Medium, Large) markings are the most used in many countries around the world on labels marking the size of clothing. They are generally used in Germany as well as in many other countries.

The system is different in France, Italy and Spain. A German 38 corresponds to a French 40 and an Italian 42. In the UK, the sizes range from 6 to 14 for Women (32 to 42 for German sizes).

Be careful not to confuse with the sizes in force in the United States that range from 2 to 16 in Women (that is 32 to 46).

What types of dresses for each morphology ?

1 The morphology in A or pyramid : it designates a structured triangle-shaped body: thin shoulders and a bounced buttock.

Women with this type of body will rely on necklines, printed matter or details to draw attention to the upper part of the body. They will also favor dresses flared from the hips or empire dress, flared below the chest to attenuate the curve of the lower fraction.

2 Morphology in H or rectangle : the H-shape is well proportioned. The shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and the waist is very little marked.

Dare straight cut dresses that do not mold the waist, avoiding tulip or flared cuts that thicken the silhouette. The high necklines will highlight the chest.

3 Morphology in O or round: it is characterized by rounded shoulders and hips, generous chest, and bounced belly. The size is not very marked.

To enhance a round silhouette, fluid materials such as chiffon fabric are preferred. To dress the upper body, we opt for the boat collar or square dress. For the bottom, avoid sheath skirts, prefer skating dresses. Dark colors will highlight you.

4 The morphology in V or inverted pyramid: is the opposite of A morphology, characterized by a marked size, broad shoulders, generally generous breast and thin legs.

The silhouette of sporting women in general. We put on the cleavage and fluid dress. The V-neck perfectly highlights your chest and attracts the eye. In addition, the fluid short skirts will give volume to the bottom of your figure.

5 Morphology in 8 or X or hourglass : this means that your shoulders and hips are at the same level and your waist is thin.

If you have this type of silhouette, we generally recommend outfits that will underline the finesse of your waist and that will highlight your shoulders: strapless dress, V-necked or sweetheart dresses. Centered, they will bring out your dream size.

NB :

- Fluid dress, not close to the waist, adapts to all stages of pregnancy.

- Large dress size is usually fluid

- Strap and sleeveless tops will enhance the small breasts, while the heart cleavage (or heart cover) raises a strong chest and rounds it.