Pregnancy wedding dress

Sublime Your Silhouette At Every Step Of Your Pregnancy

Married and future mother, here are two happy events that there is no reason not to be able to combine. Joy, happiness, excitement... that can quickly turn into stress when it comes to choosing your wedding dress for this unforgettable day.

Getting married already involves the search for the unique dress, which responds in every way to her preferences. Also, you will have to find the one adapted to this new silhouette. In any case, know that this is not an impossible mission. In order to help you in your research, we have gathered for you here the models to favor to sublimate your forms of pregnant woman.

Each of our maternity bridal dresses is designed to enhance and fit your figure perfectly, according to the evolution of your pregnancy.

Whether you are in the early stages of your pregnancy or in an advanced stage, it is possible to find a beautiful wedding dress adapted to your figure. Just find your style!

Fluid and lightweight dress with a beautiful fall or bodycon dress, nice neckline, lace encroachments ... Depending on the evolution of your pregnancy, choose the model that will sublimate your shapes.

Take pride in the shapes of your future motherhood

When you are both a bride and a mother, you must not only choose the most beautiful wedding dress 2021, but also and above all, find one that allows you to be comfortable. We don't have to be embarrassed in our movements. This is achieved by avoiding the heavy and bulky dresses, scarlet dresses that compress the belly, and all other details that tend to add volume: frolics, ribbons, ruffle. There is no question of hiding the forms of your future motherhood.

The flowing and pure bohemian style dresses are to be preferred. Choose them with little or no flourishes. The simpler it is, the more it will underline your beauty. Empire dresses, marked under the chest, flared and with ample neckline are also a good option to enhance your shapes, especially if your pregnancy is more advanced.

However, mothers-to-be who are still in an early stage of pregnancy can afford to cut closer to the body if they wish. The silhouette will have changed little. They can opt for a strapless dress or a mermaid wedding dress.

When to buy her pregnancy wedding dress ?

Future moms are usually advised not to buy their wedding dress too soon. The reason is simple: during pregnancy, it is complicated to know how your body will evolve. The body of a pregnant woman changes from month to month. If so, when is the right time to buy your wedding dress?

In order to reconcile the two events (marriage preparations and birth), and thus avoid the great stress with the multitude of things to do, it is better to think about a delay of 5 to 4 months before the wedding.

The first fitting of the dress takes place only 1 month before D-Day, in this case, choose a custom wedding dress. Some brands can even adapt their models to the customer's request. The final details are then finalized one or two weeks before D-Day.

Also, be aware that some models such as back lacing dresses will easily adapt to your morphology. This avoids touch-ups.

Choose the right accessories

To make your bridal outfit perfect, remember to take care of the details. When choosing bridal shoes, the stiletto heels should be avoided so as not to accentuate the pain in the kidneys, just as flat shoes could crush the plantar vault. Instead, opt for sandals or small heel shoes that keep your foot properly.

For make-up and hairdressing, make sure they are just like your dress, fresh and natural.