Civil wedding dress

Make Your Union In The Dress You Like

For this very special occasion, what is your civil marriage, you still do not know what to wear? Indeed, with a very large number of existing models, it is not always easy to make your choice.

However, relax! Breathe deeply, because we come to your aid with a wide selection of the most beautiful dresses to pass the ring on your finger.

Don’t settle for a single wedding dress, play the extensions with various cuts and styles. For such an event, all shots are allowed.

Lace dress, silk, long, short…. it is obvious that you will find your happiness here. You will only have to validate your cart! 

Glamor, bohemian, vintage, classic….. what kind of bride are you? Easily find the one that will adapt to the atmosphere of your wedding.

Whether or not you chose a religious ceremony, the transition to the town hall is absolutely crucial. That’s why it’s just as important to choose your outfit. It is not uncommon to see even brides with two different outfits on this special day.

The good news is that civil wedding gives you more originality, if the celebration in church requires some formalities, especially in terms of style and color.

Short, long, with ou without sleeves, closed back or backless, immaculate white or … the choice is vast and it is certain that the decision will be difficult. A little help? Our civil wedding dress collection is at your disposal to meet your preferences. Let's discover together the latest trends 2021 in nuptial mode.

Short wedding dress : the ally of future brides in search of modernity

Short wedding dresses are increasingly appealing to brides in the modern world. Not only do they give more freedom to move or dance, but also and above all, by the fact that they lend themselves particularly to certain wedding themes: retro, vintage or simply for civil marriage. In its mini version or knee lenght, this cut is perfect for those seeking simplicity and elegance.

Minimalist dress: elegance, without doing too much

It is intended for bohemian and romantic brides. With their straight and clean lines, these pieces highlight the silhouette of the brides without looking like it. They can have an empire cup with vintage accents, an A-line cut with sensual neckline at the bust or in the back or straight with an original detail: cowl neck, illusion or frills sleeves.

Made of white silk, silk satin or crepe fabric, bohemian wedding dress is fluid, light and airy.

Long dress: for a feminine and ultra-modern silhouette

Generally reserved for formal events, long strapless dress remains a classic among the bridal dresses. For a civil wedding, she wants to be more relaxed, even more daring, with a bodycon style, to highlight the curves and glamorous details: plunging neckline, thin straps, sleeves... If others play it minimalist with just a set of drapes.

Colored dresses: more modernity, originality and elegance

It is true that by choosing a white dress at your wedding, you choose the sure value: a traditional wedding dress, which symbolizes purity and illuminates the silhouette. But why should we all look the same if everyone is free to choose the dress they like? Anyway, choose the one that matches your skin and hair complexion.

If you have a very clear skin and blonde hair, wedding dress in off-white, ivory or salmon pink will sublimate you.

The shades of champagne dresses are more suitable for skin with shades of yellow, whereas women with dark or matte skin will turn to cream for a very soft effect.

Always look for the right contrast to form a well-distinguished look of your silhouette, which will illuminate you and not make you dull.

Fabrics are also a crucial element in making a wedding dress. In other words, the success of a chic wedding dress also depends on the choice of the material that makes it. So do not neglect this element.

Now do an analysis of every detail and identify the essential points to your dream wedding dress. Once you have made your choice, browse our new fashion bridal gowns collection without further delay.