robe de soirée bustier avis maysange

We are really satisfied for our custom wedding guest dresses. Dresses conform to the solicitation (cut, color, length). Good quality fabric. Products arrived in time. We recommend Maysange !

robe de soirée orange

Thank you for this beautiful dress that I ordered in size 36 and worn during a wedding. It is just perfect for me. Fabric and finish are very good quality. Very fast delivery. I am satisfied with the result. My husband loved it too. Many thanks to Maysange team. I enclose a small photo :)

avis maysange robe de soirée rose

Fabulous dress. It is true to the size and looks exactly like the picture. I received so many compliments. Timely delivery, and excellent customer service. I highly recommend this website to everyone. Thank you again!

avis clients maysange

She is Mrs. Vernizeau. She ordered for the printed evening dress with gold straps (L751), size 46 and measures 1.67 m. She wore it for her son's wedding.

robe de soirée bustier avis maysange

The dress was absolutely beautiful. This burgundy color is really what I was looking for. The dress arrived very quickly. Thank you Maysange. I'm happy, just that it is a little tight at the waist.

robe rose commentaire avis

This strapless dress is absolutely magnificent. Really incredible quality. I highly recommend purchasing from here without hesitation !

robe de soirée rose avis maysange

The custom-made dress was a real success! Well respected measures. The dress fits me perfectly. I'm totally comfortable in it. Love the design of the top with lace and transparent fabric. The dress corresponds in every way to my expectations. Nice job Maysange. I encourage you

avis maysange robe de soirée rose

I absolutely loved this dress. The color is lovely& fabric is gorgeous. I did have a bit close the V-neckline in the bust because it was too deep. All in all I am super pleased with this dress! I attach you a photo.

robe bleu marine avis maysange

Thank you Maysange for this beautiful dress! Love, it. ! The size is perfect, beautiful color and fabric. I highly recommend.

robe rose

Beautiful dress. Looks exactly like the picture and fits perfectly. I ordered it for the wedding of my best friend. Superb color, good quality fabric, and very correct price. I ordered a 38, while I'm habitually doing 36 and thankfully because I felt very comfortable  very happy with this purchase! thank you Maysange !

robe de cocktail blanche avis maysange

A beautiful dress ! Exactly what I wanted. Satisfied with the purchase. Many thanks. Thank you, especially for the great patience of the customer service who was very attentive and professional.

robe cocktail rouge avis maysange

This short red dress was a crush on me. She is just gorgeous! Elegant style and attractive color. I recommend it to those looking for a nice casual cocktail dress. Thank you Maysange

robe de soirée blanche  avis client maysange

THANK YOU I received the dress and I am delighted! She is simply beautiful. I love the style, small opening at the front, single strap with flowers, good quality fabric .... everything is perfect, as in the picture! I congratulate you for the care taken in sewing and packaging. Highly to come back for another purchase;)

robe longue violet

Thank you Maysange for this beautiful dress. It really made her princess effect! The finishes are perfect. I opted for custom-made because I was not too sure of my measurements. I am not disappointed! The measures have been respected. If you are looking for an ideal outfit for a cocktail, I recommend this model. We are just free of our movements.

robe de soirée marron

Very happy with my order on Maysange. Very beautiful design, a fresh and soft color, a quality fabric. I wore it for a baptism. It arrives in time for the event and was just my size. I am 1m72 for a size 38. I am completely satisfied. Excellent experience that I highly recommend.

avis clients maysange robe de soirée blanc
robe de cocktail blanc court avis client maysange

I ordered this white dress size 38 and I do not regret my choice! I am very satisfied. The dress is beautiful, excellent quality. The delivery time has been respected. Wonderful experience! I recommend your site to my friends and relatives. I send you a photo with pleasure! Good luck and thank you again.

avis maysange robe de soirée bleu

Thank you for this beautiful dress. Love the design. A neat work. Excellent place to buy quality clothes online.I highly recommend this item.

robe de soirée rose long avis maysange

Stunning dress! I loved it. Great quality, delivery time respected. I am delighted with the rendering. I wore it during a contest of the most beautiful evening dress. It made a sensation. I only had congratulations! I enclose a photo during the event. Very satisfied.

robe cocktail rouge avis maysange

This little message to send you my sincere thanks. The dress is very pretty. It fits me perfectly. Very happy with the shape, the cut and the quality of the fabric. I wanted to share my satisfaction with this photo. Have a nice day.

robe de soirée blanc et bleu

Thank you Maysange for creating these beautiful dresses! We are very satisfied. The measures have been respected. Excellent finishes. It took a little long to receive but once we did get it, we were happy. It was worth the wait. We received a lot of compliments. We did not fail to quote your site. Thanks a lot

robe fuchsia avis maysange

Thank you Maysange for an excellent service rendered by your team. Completely happy : great product, timely delivery and good customer service. Definitely will return here for another purchase.

robe de soirée long avis maysange

I will surely suggest and recommend everyone Maysange ! My experience with the website was positive. My order came on time. Awesome Customer Service. They were kind to resolve my problem very quickly. Great quality and a really good price. Love, all the designs.

robe de soirée long marron commentaire maysange

Hello, I received my order and I am very satisfied. The dress is just my size! I was really surprised at the quality of the fabric : Nice packaging, good presentation. It's really an excellent value for money. Thank you Maysange. I make you a little pub. Carla B

avis maysange robe rouge

Thank you Maysange for this brilliant red dress. It is sublime! So happy with my order. The quality of the fabric, careful finishing. I ordered it to go to a wedding. The package arrived quickly. Thank you Maysange. I will not miss it for on other occasions.

robe dentelle convertible
robe dentelle convertible-1

Among the white dress on the site, it is this one that has attracted more my attention! I like it because it releases a certain sensuality through its style. So, I did not hesitate to order. In addition, the price is reasonable! Thanks to the very helpful service of its customers for helping me to choose the right size. I am so happy

robe bleu marine bustier

Through this photo, I want to share my satisfaction. The dress is very beautiful. The fabric is comfortable to wear. The price is more attractive. So, I did not hesitate to order! Thank you Maysange

robe violet courte

Hello, I received my package. Thank you. The dress is very pretty; it suits me wonderfully. Quality fabric, color corresponding to the photo. As agreed, here is a picture of me with your beautiful dress.

robe bustier noire

This black strapless dress was my favorite! I love the design of the bustier. This little rhinestone V makes all its charm. When I received it, I was too happy because it was exactly like the picture! I am delighted with my order! I send you about a photo in your beautiful creation.

robe cocktail rouge

Hello I received the dress on time. It’s just gorgeous. Everything is nickel: beautiful fabric, well design, article corresponding with the photo on the site, ... I have not regretted ordering. Not much to say. Simply satisfied.

robe cocktail dos nu

Thanks to Maysange for this beautiful white lace dress. I wore it for my wedding on October 10th. Thank you to all the team for your work and your efficiency. The dress arrived on time. It is perfect for my size and more. I really like the style of the back. You are top! I would come back for sure. See you soon

robe cocktail rouge

I am very happy with my purchase. This model attracted me at a glance. I admire the way she was made. I had a lot of compliments! Just to show my satisfaction. A good price-performance ratio

robe de soirée dos nu

Words fail me to express my satisfaction towards this magnificent creation. I love the style of the top of this dress that highlights the bust and back. The bottom is also very comfortable to wear. I measure 1m60 and the length was suitable. I did not have any adjustments to do. Thank you Maysange. I highly recommend this site.

robe de soirée vert avis maysange

I have received my order. I thank you for the speed of delivery, I am very satisfied. I also salute the quality of the product. The dress is beautiful, very beautiful design. I am happy to have discovered your site. It is with great pleasure that I will come back to you.

avis maysange robe cocktail rouge
robe violet avis maysange
robe bustier noire avis maysange
robe rouge bustier commentaire maysange
robe cocktail orange avis client maysange

I am completely satisfied with my order on Maysange. The dress is beautiful. The quality is good. Color according to the request. I was a little hesitant about the length. I was afraid it was too long. Contrary to my fears, she was fine with me. Thank you a lot!

robe bustier noire et bleu avis maysange
robe bustier long commentaire maysange
robe de soirée maysange
I want to thank you for my order because it corresponds in every way to my expectations. The dress received is consistent with what is presented on the site. It’s just my size. The delivery time has been respected. Very happy with your services.
robe blanche bustier

I just ordered this bustier dress on the occasion of a cocktail party organized by a colleague and I am very surprised because the dress is beautiful, perfect to my size! A big thanks also for the speed of execution and sending. You are doing a good job.

robe vert claire

Very beautiful dress delivered on time. I was able to enjoy it for the event planned. I thank you for your professionalism, the dress is perfect, the size is top. I recommend your site to everyone around me! Good luck and thank you again.

robe de soirée violet

Thank you very much for this beautiful dress. It is beautiful and the color is perfect. Looking forward to placing a new order with you! Have a good day.

robe gris

I am so satisfied with my order placed on Maysange. That's why, I allow myself to send you a picture of me in the ordered dress ☺ The dress is incredibly beautiful. That's exactly how it looked in the photo. Emily

robe bustier bleu

I like the dress. It is pretty and quite comfortable. In addition, it is really excellent value for money. I ordered one too for my daughter and it is fine. We are satisfied with our order placed on the site.

robe orange

I received my dress. Thank you. I love it, the quality is great. In addition, the small details (glitter on the straps, golden rhinestones on the top) are consistent with the photos. The delivery time has been respected. Congratulations to Maysange. I'm satisfied.

robe bustier avec strass

Thank you for this bustier dress. It is so pretty. It fits me like a glove! I love color, style ... Just like on the picture on the website. I will definitely come back for a next order.

robe cocktail gris courte

Thanks to Maysange Website for this beautiful custom-made dress delivered on time. Good job ! I am completely satisfied! A picture of the day J. Myriam

robe bustier marron

I want to thanks Maysange team and salute his efficiency. Given the delivery time you announced on the web site, I did not expect to receive my dress before 8 to 10 days again. Thank you so much ! It is very nice to have to do to people who are also listening to their customers. It has become so rare today.

robe noire et bleu

My daughter and I ordered custom dress for both dresses and we are very happy with the result. The measurements have been respected (there was no touch up to do), the colors are also correct, as we wanted. Good work. Thanks to Maysange team.

robe rouge cocktail

Thanks Maysange for this beautiful red satin dress. It agreed very well with the theme of marriage. It has made a splash. The size is perfect. The matching stole was a great idea;) I sent you a picture at the event.

robe de soirée blanche courte

Beautiful dress, good quality, attractive price-performance ratio! It corresponds to my expectations. Thank you Maysange. I will not miss it for other occasions. I send you a picture.


Miss Diouf in white evening dress Maysange for her wedding

robe bleu marine cocktail

For a first order, I am very happy. I love this model for its simple but classy side. Plus, she's just perfect to my measurements. I am 1m67 for a size 38. The quality is good (product consistent with the image) and the delivery time has been respected. Satisfied overall.

robe cocktail rose

I felt like a princess in my little pink dress ;) Simply it is beautiful! I really like the lace touch on the lightweight top, but also its fluid skirt. Very comfortable dress (y) Thank you Maysange
Evah R

robe bleu marine

I saw this dress on Maysange website and fell in love with it! I quickly ordered. I am most impressed with the quality. It was packaged well. I have read some very dodgy reviews of this website but regarding to me, I am satisfied. I think they are very good.

robe de soirée rose

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Nice design, good quality ... I will come back for sure. Thank you Sarah

robe blanche

Completely happy with my purchase on maysange website! My order came on time. I had a lot of compliments. I suggest and recommend it.

robe cocktail rose

Thank you very much for the dress. It is very beautiful. The quality is great. Fortunately, I consulted you for the size ;) Here is my picture on the occasion.
Elodie R

robe de soirée bleu marine

Thank you very much Maysange! This blue strapless dress is my favorite. I love his style. You're right, the padded bustier does not fall 

robe cocktail bleu marine maysange

Thank you Maysange ! So happy with the effect this blue dress gave me. Thanks to you for proposing it to me (y)


Thanks to Delphine Defrain for these beautiful photographs ...


Thanks to Delphine Defrain for these beautiful photographs ... 


Thanks to Mrs JAZEIX for her beautiful photography in Maysange ball gown.
And many thanks to our customers for their photographs. Do not hesitate to send us your picture with your Maysange dress.


Thanks to Vanessa wearing Long colorful evening gown by Maysange!


Thank to Mrs GOHARD who wanted to share his pleasure during his fitting ...


Maysange team with Geneviève De Fontenay


Evening Mask Party Dress and Cocktail Dress Maysange


Thanks to the beautiful shots of Nahoko, photographer..


Maysange meets its customers at the Who's Next Show, in Versailles


Maysange meets its customers at the Who's Next Show, in Versailles


Maysange at the EPF School Engineers Gala Evening


Maysange at the EPF School Engineers Gala Evening


Thanks to the beautiful shots of Nahoko, photographer.


Day Place Stanislas in evening dresses and cocktail dresses Maysange

robe de mariage maysange-1
robe de mariage maysange-2
robe de mariage maysange-3

"Hello, "I want to tell you that since the beginning of my approach, I am very satisfied with the progress of my order and .. I especially appreciate to have a fast and concise contact. I received my dress in time for my wedding :) she is beautiful! I do not regret having ordered it I will come back;). "

robe de mariage maysange

"Thanks to Maysange for this beautiful dress !!" Yasmina



Thanks to Florence M, in Maysange wedding dress "thank you for your warm welcome in the shop. I recommend to all your dresses because they are excellent qualities".

robe bustier marron

Hello, I finally received my dress yesterday. The quality of the work provided and the finishes are impressive. And the size and the design are very adjusted. It is a very beautiful model. I congratulate Maysange team. You are top

robe cocktail blanche

Dress conform to the request and received more quickly than anticipated. Satisfied with the quality of the fabric and finishes too. A nice experience on the site. Thank you Maysange. Katie.

robe cocktail rose

Thank you very much for the dress. It is very beautiful. The quality is great. Fortunately, I consulted you for the size ;) Here is my picture on the occasion.

robe de soirée gris avis maysange

Thank you very much, I am very happy to have placed an order with you! This gray dress changed me into a princess ;) Many thanks for your professionalism. It's a friend who informed me your site. I will definitely get back to you for another opportunity.


Mrs P in pink and black evening dress Maysange


Julie, bridesmaid, in Maysange pink dress


Julie, bridesmaid, in Maysange pink dress

Famille Samiez en robes de soiree et robes de cocktail Maysange

Hello, We wish to express our thanks and congratulations for dressing us so elegantly for the wedding of our son and brother. Indeed, all three of us had ordered our dresses, including one in complete creation. We were very satisfied, both by the style, quality, delivery time .... We send you a photo of this wedding where you will recognize your creations.
Thank you Samiez

Robe Arnica

Julie L.

Robe Arnica

Hello, Thank you for the attention you make to my order and you know that I keep you as a supplier for all orders that I have to make and recommend you to my contacts. See you soon,

Miss Ronde France 2013

Maysange had the honor to see our dear Miss Ronde Lorraine crowned Miss Ronde France. It's a great honor for Maysange Team to see her dressed in Maysange dress for her official photo.

Robe Arnica

Julie L.

Salon du mariage Lery Bouvier

"Hello, I received my dress this afternoon, she is really beautiful, thank you very much for the quality of your work and for your seriousness. I will not fail to talk about you around me, Best regards,

Témoignage client

"Thanks to Maysange for this beautiful dress !!" Yasmina

robe cocktail gris rose

Very beautiful custom-made dress. The measurements are exact. I did not have any retouch to do. The delivery time has been respected! Nothing to say, just very happy with my purchase. Fabienne

robe bleu busiter

I received many compliments at the wedding wearing this navy blue dress. It perfectly matches what I was looking for ☺ Thank you Maysange Tinah

robe de soirée courte blanche

Dress received in very good condition. I took it in 42 (following my own measurements and those of the site) and no retouch to do for me. Thank you Maysange. Landy

robe bustier bleu claire et noire

My daughter and I o